In English

La Loma is a new Finnish travel marketing & sales agency offering GSA services in Finland. La Loma was established in 2021 to act as’s exclusive Finnish representative.

La Loma is new, flexible and we want to do things in new ways. We think and act outside the box and industry conventions. We are fun to work with and deliver on our promises. Our founding members are true industry veterans. They are well-networked with the Finnish travel and marketing industries.

La Loma is not a tour operator nor a travel agent. We are foremost marketeers. We are looking to grow, so please do contact us and let’s chat! Our email is and whatsapp +358401507621

We are owned and operated by our founders Anna Kirchner, Niko Laiho ja Mikko Silvennoinen.

*In Finnish LOMA means holiday or vacation. In Spanish LA LOMA means the hill. On our favourite island Gran Canaria, there are a few places named La Loma or in plural Las Lomas.